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I offer a range of services centred around improving physical and mental well-being. This encompasses consultancy on positive ageing and use of psychology to promote behaviour change; I also offer one-to-one therapy using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help individuals to adjust to life changing injury; I lead courses for people interested in learning more about Mindfulness and meditation.

My consultancy work includes:
• Project management – in academic, health and third sector organisations
• Expertise on the use and application of psychological theory and research design/methodologies to programme development
• Research: design and delivery and reporting
• Delivering Mindfulness programmes in the workplace.

Clients [selected]

Healthy You Ltd – Associate (2017 – to date)

Training: Providing training in psychological skills for the NHS and social care organisations.

One-to-one therapy: With supervision from Dr Jan Smith, I provide psychological support to clients with a range of health issues such as Tinnitus and to those with life changing injury and trauma. (

Age UK Wakefield District. Consultant (Lead for Positive Ageing) (2015 – 2020)
My role at Age UK Wakefield District enabled me to work with the one of the UK’s leading Charity’s supporting older people. Key projects included:

Time for Tea – National Lottery Funded programme to support lonely people to connect through social events in supermarkets and shopping centres.

NHS England Care Homes Vanguard  – improving the quality of life for residents in care settings. Working with colleagues in the CCG and the local authority on a range of interventions.

Pull Up A Chair Training Tool. Funded by Skills for Care, the training tool is for those working in care settings (Care Homes and delivering Domiciliary Care) to deliver person-centred care.

AgeUK Wakefield District and Sheffield Hallam University (2016 – to date). Researcher

Partnering with Sheffield Hallam University to validate a quality of life measure for older community dwelling adults (LEAF-7).

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Emma’s PhD research into well-being in later life and work with Age UK Wakefield District has led her to develop an interest in how to live well in old age and in a new stage in the lifespan called second adulthood (the period 60 to 75 years).

Second adulthood reflects the exponential growth in the human lifespan in the developed world; an unprecedented lifespan stage which has the potential to be a time of increased engagement with life, rather than the decline and frailty once associated with being over 60 years old.

Key to this is good health, the basis of which often can be influenced by health behaviours in adulthood and late middle-age.

But how are those in late-middle age understanding the importance of adopting good health behaviours? How can health professionals help those in their 50s insure against an old age defined by frailty and ill-health. 

The Health and Happiness in Second Adulthood Programme uses the latest science from health psychology to help older people to:

  • Understand the key indicators that predict frailty
  • Change health behaviours to adopt those that can protect against frailty;
  • Promote this period of the lifespan to their peers as a time to enjoy old age without the chronic conditions associated with poor lifestyle choices.

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With nearly three quarters of the health care budget dedicated to supporting people with long-term conditions, the role of many health professionals is less about diagnosis and cure and more about enabling people to care for themselves. This requires a different type of conversation between health provider and patient where the focus is on facilitating healthier behaviours and condition management.

This workshop focuses on how health professionals can help people to help themselves. It draws on the growing body of evidence about promoting health behaviour change – what we know works and what doesn’t work.

Participants will

  • Be introduced to simple models about behaviour-change that can guide their approach to working with patients
  • Learn about the essential skills and techniques that can facilitate change conversations
  • Plan how to integrate these methods into their daily practice

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A short workshop that introduces participants to some well-evidenced techniques for promoting well-being.

Learn the gifts of gratitude, gain tips to facilitate forgiveness, find out how to boost your optimism and why curiosity can improve your health and life chances. Explore how these techniques can benefit you and your work with clients.

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